Annual School Events and Activities

Our school celebrates various social and national occasions, distinguishing itself with diverse events closely tied to the curriculum and aimed at fostering students’ sense of belonging and loyalty.

Throughout the year, our school organizes monthly activities such as school trips, sports days, enjoyable and heritage events, as well as National Flag Day and National Day celebrations, reinforcing national identity, honing talents, and expanding knowledge. Additionally, field trips are conducted each semester to significant tourist and recreational sites, providing fun and insights into Emirati society. Regular parent meetings and commemorations of our school’s founding anniversary are also part of our agenda.


Our school provides rich lessons and curricula to students during and after classes, enhancing their learning abilities. Extracurricular activities, including arts such as Physical Education, drawing, and music, are also offered.

We encourage students to take pride in positive societal habits and traditions, promoting cultural events and festivals that have become integral to the learning process, and building a strong cultural foundation for the child.

Some of the annual events include:

  1. Sports Day: An ongoing event encouraging students to meet, compete, and enhance their physical activity. Physical activity and sports play a crucial role in children’s growth, fostering teamwork and fair play.
  2. National Day: Celebrated annually with flag-raising, traditional songs, and dances showcasing aspects of Emirati heritage, such as traditional attire, crafts, games, beauty, and food.
  3. Educational Trips: Organized regularly to enhance students’ knowledge by visiting educational sites, and contributing to academic and theoretical learning.
  4. Teacher’s Day: Celebrated in October to show appreciation for teachers’ efforts, collaboration, and support in enriching the educational process.
  5. Communities Day: The largest cultural event celebrating the diversity of our school, embracing various nationalities and introducing students to different cultures, customs, and traditions from both Arab and foreign countries.
  6. Flag and Martyrs Day: Celebrated to express unity and peace among the people of the UAE, emphasizing allegiance to the country and its leadership.

Our school aims to provide students with opportunities to learn collaboration, teamwork, and leadership skills, creating lifelong memories. Each event is seen as a new experience and a chance for students to grow and develop.

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