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Readings ... Wherever we are

As we believe in the importance of reading and its crucial role in shaping the personality of the individual and the identity of the society, we are pleased to announce the launch of the developed version of “Readings” project at Masar Privet School. By this initiative, we aim to establish, together, a reading-friendly environment to instill reading as a fun and daily habit, rooted in the lives of our children, and to shift us from the world of the printed book into the digital space. Reading is a key to knowledge and an instrument for the rise of nations, and therefore, it should not be limited to a time or a place.

Project Name: “Readings … Wherever We Are”, through “Mqroa” – (Arabic word for readable) digital platform.

Mqroa” is a digital platform that is introduced by ” Einstylo” which works to provide reading texts in Arabic language in order to improve Arabic reading proficiency in accordance with the highest standards, and in an easy and entertaining way. The platform also provides a long list of reports by monitoring, analyzing and comparing students` activities to track and improve achievements.

Target Group: All kindergarten and primary students.

Project Objectives: To contribute to the achievement of the national agenda and the national vision for 2021 through:

  • Maintaining the habit of reading in the daily life through a self-motivated approach
  • Deepening the love of reading and the sensation of its importance amongst the students and within the community
  • Developing the students’ abilities to express themselves 
  • Expanding students’ knowledge by improving their vocabulary, concepts and information
  • Raising the students’ self-esteem, refining their personalities and enhancing their talents, and abilities
  • Developing 21 century’s skills by increasing the ability of critical thinking, analysis, research, inquiry, cooperation and communication.
  • Maintaining the habit of reading in the daily life through a self-motivated approach
  • Adding joy to learning by facilitating reading, access to knowledge, and evaluation

We appreciate your ongoing support and cooperation to achieve the defined objectives of this program and improve the achievements of our students by using   the following link to access parents’ portal on Mqroa:

Important Note: You will find you child username and password on a posted in your child’s Arabic book or on class dojo.

The child will log into reading assignments assigned by the teacher and begin the process of reading and listening.

The teacher then can monitors the students through reports that the school can access in order to evaluate the Progress of each student.

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