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General Rules & policies

School`s Rules& Regulations

1- School time starts at 7:15 am. and ends at 2:00 pm.

2- Attending school after 7:30 am requires a late slip, otherwise students will be prevented from attending the first period to avoid confusion and wasting time. Moreover, tardiness will have a negative impact on the teaching and learning process.

3- Parents are not allowed to enter the classes. Calling on the students is only done through the administration.

4- The students` diary (for K.G and Cycle1) is considered an important document that is used to communicate between the teachers and the parents. It is a must for the students to have the dairy with them daily. This helps parents to know about the performance of their children. Parents can also get further information through the GOOGLE platform.

5- Collecting your children from school on time will have a positive effect on their emotional side. It helps students organize their time and raise the level of achievement.

6- Teachers’ Daily duties start at 6:30 am and end at 2:30 pm. The school will have to charge extra for taking care of the students after the specified time.

7- When parents enroll their child in the bus transportation, they are kindly requested to check with the transportation officer to activate the service.

8- Parents should accompany their little children to the bus and hand them to the bus assistant, both in the morning and the afternoon.

9- Students should wear their transportation cards. The school administration will not allow any student to get on the bus without his/her card.

10- In case of losing a bus card, a parent should come with the child to the school, and request a new one. This costs (Dhs.15).

11- students are not allowed to leave the school campus unaccompanied by their parents.The parents should collect their child from his/her section`s gate. The school is not responsible for any student leaving the school without an official permission.

12- Parents should drop their children at the specified gates. The gates ‘numbers will be allocated at the beginning of the academic year.

13- In order to avoid any gender mixing among the students, it is never allowed to send male students from sixth to twelfth grades to call their brothers from the other sections, such action should only be done by the parent.

14- The parents should ask their children to inform the school administration if they miss the bus for any reason, and they should never go home leaving the school alone or with friends without permission; if done so, the school has no liability for that. 

15- If the parents want to take permission for an early leave for a child who is registered on the bus, or if they don’t want their child to go back home by bus for any reason, they must inform the bus supervisor or the transportation officer before 11:00 am. If he calls after that time, the school administration will find it difficult to support the situation. This can only be allowed in case of emergency

16- Parents must pay for the school books.

17- Enquiring about the student’s academic performance and behavior requires calling the supervisor or sending an e-mail to take an appointment before visiting the school.

18- Failing to attend any period without a permission or an excuse is considered a full-day absence.

19- A student’s absence is never accepted without a proper excuse.

20- Students` will be expelled from the school if they exceed 10 consecutive days of absence or 15 separated days.

21- Mobile phones, cameras and recorders are forbidden in school, and if any is found, the school’s rules and regulations apply.

22- Parents should inform the school if their child suffers from any medical Condition or any kind of allergy so that the necessary measures will be taken

23- Parents must inform the school`s administration if their child is a SEN student, or if they have any psychological or emotional concerns to ensure setting the correct plans.

24- It is not allowed for a SEN student to join a class without taking permission from the school specialist and the agreement from the school `s principal.

25- The first school fees-cheque should be paid within three days, or else the application of the registration will be cancelled.

Leaving School Policy

In case of a student`s withdrawal regardless of the reason, the fees` structure will be as follows:

1- Registration fees are nonrefundable.

2- If a student attends school for two weeks or less, Parents should pay the tuition fees for the entire month.

3- If a student attends school for more than two weeks or less than a month,Parents should pay the tuition fees for two full months.

4- If a student attends school for more than a month, Parents should pay the tuition fees for three months.

5- Uniform and books fees are nonrefundable.

6- Transportation fees have the same policy of the school fees.

Transportation Policy

1- If the place of residence is changed permanently or temporarily, the contract will be annulled. The parents must make a new contract without any raise in the cost. The school must return the remaining amount of the transportation service Installment, if the bus cannot reach the new address.

2- Any note or complaint from parents is to be reported to the school management instantly rather than taking individual actions with the supervisor or the bus driver without informing the management.

3- If the student does not follow the bus rules, the school`s administration will follow and apply the behavioral regulations.

 4- The student must be present in the boarding place five minutes prior to the bus`s arriving time.

5- The school bus will not wait or return to pick up any student who is late for the scheduled time.

6- Students are strongly prohibited from crossing the street. If a student crosses the street, the school may temporarily cancel the service.

7- Parents must be present with the students in the morning, and receive them in the afternoon. In case the parents are not available to receive the student, the supervisor is obliged to take the student back to the school in the afternoon.

8- The transportation department should be contacted to organize the bus time 3 days prior to the actual working hours, by the registered phone number in the form. Failure to communicate for some reason (travel / phone closed), the service should be activated again which will result a week to 15 days of service delay.

 9- Kindly fill in the above details carefully

Lea Photography Policy

Occasionally, we may take photographs of the children at our school while doing different educational activities or during events. These photos may be used in our school prospectus, published on our school website, or on the school`s Facebook page. Therefore, we seek your written consent about including your child in the photos we take for the academic year 2020/2021.

please clearly indicate your preference below. Sign and return this from to the registration department. Place a (√) by only one of the two sentences below regarding permission to take photograph or your child in Masar

( ) I give permission for my child to be photographed by the school.
( ) I do not give permission for my child to be photographed by the school.

092A0705 (2)