Diverse Annual School Events and Activities

Annual School Events and Activities Our school celebrates various social and national occasions, distinguishing itself with diverse events closely tied to the curriculum and aimed at fostering students’ sense of belonging and loyalty. Throughout the year, our school organizes monthly activities such as school trips, sports days, enjoyable and heritage events, as well as National […]

Honoring Beeah Group employees

  We had a wonderful day at Masar Private School when we welcomed the Employees from the Environment Group. It was a day to show our appreciation for their fantastic work in making Sharjah a cleaner and more environmentally friendly place. To say thank you, our students gave small gifts to the cleaners. These tokens […]

Celebrating the 51st UAE National Day at Masar Private School

As we are used to, the National Day of our beloved country, the United Arab Emirates, is one of the most important occasions that Masar School is interested in celebrating in the fullest way. It holds a workshop for more than two months to celebrate this great day with the efforts of our distinguished students […]

Quick tips for test day

If you’re feeling a little nervous, don’t worry, it’s normal, just follow these simple tips to stay calm and do your best for the exam. • Stay calm and take deep breaths • Read the entire test paper before starting to answer. It’s okay to make quick notes as you read • To regulate the […]

RAZ_KIDS Reading competition award Ceremony

Congratulations to “Tala Alhmid” for winning at RAZ-KIDS Reading competition and being Masar school’s top reader and Congratulations to all top readers and tomorrow’s leaders  

Congratulations to our student, Ali Tarek

Congratulations to our student, Ali Tarek, for achieving a high score in the SAT Math. His score is in the 91st percentile all around the world. We are proud of you Ali and wish you much success


We congratulate our school and our students for winning second place in the Mangroves Initiative for 2022 from the category of Basic education – Second Cycle